Side Meetings

Closing date for applications

Applications Closed

Skills Showcases:
31 March 2022

Round Table Discussions:
31 March 2022

You are invited to submit proposals to host a workshop or side meeting linked to the ISEC 2022 Conference.


Workshops: we are planning to hold a series of half- or full-day workshops over the weekend before the conference, i.e. 25 – 26 June 2022, following the tradition of earlier ISEC iterations. These workshops tend to be very popular and are an excellent opportunity to teach your favourite method / R package / topic in statistical ecology to an eager audience. Participants will sign up for these workshops for an extra fee through our registration system. We will help organise and promote these workshops. Any profit is for the presenter.

Skills showcase: these are short (1.5 hours) training sessions meant to bring your fellow statistical ecologists up to speed on the latest developments in your favourite method / R package / topic in statistical ecology. These sessions are part of the scientific programme and delegates can sign up at no extra cost.

Round-table discussion: these are sessions that will bring together delegates interested in discussing a particular topic and are part of the scientific programme.