Inclusivity Statement

We come together in the spirit of ubuntu, a zulu word meaning “I am, because you are.” It speaks of unity, oneness, interdependence, and valuing and strengthening one another. What you do impacts me and what I do impacts you. In keeping with this philosophy, at ISEC 2022, we commit to recognising, respecting and valuing each person for who they are and their contribution to our collective knowledge in this field of Statistical Ecology, regardless of race, gender, disability and nationality. We value diversity and celebrate that the inclusion of our different voices enriches our knowledge and broadens our perspectives.

We recognise that accents and cadence vary across the globe, and that these are not a reflection of ability. We commit to redress, social justice and protecting the dignity of all participants. As we engage, we remind participants of the importance of the culture of respect, collegiality, self-awareness and care.