It is true that whether you sell industrial power plants or sticky puddings, the better you know your customer – and the better your customer knows you – the more likely you are to make that first sale and the increasingly profitable sales that follow. Exhibitions are more about relationship-building than selling a product. They are the most explicit form of direct marketing.

When it comes to the total quantity of a marketing interaction, nothing holds the candle to exhibitions. Exhibitions have a number of advantages over other media. They are powerful tools for:

  • Bringing your customers and most active prospects to you
  • Meeting pre-qualifies prospects
  • Allowing you to meet your market face-to-face
  • Allowing you to demonstrate products, answer questions and overcome objections
  • Using all five senses to communicate a message
  • Representing the marketplace in one place and time, bringing together suppliers, buyers, purchase influencers, consultants and media.
  • Exhibitions also produce tangible results, making it easy to measure the medium’s return on investment

Each exhibition stand consists of the following:

  • 3m x 3m Space
  • Shell sheme (2.5m high)
  • Fascia board with company name (logo would be an additional cost)
  • Table and table cloth
  • 2 x Chairs
  • Carpeting
  • Power supply (standard power supply – heavy power users are advised to order a dedicated DB board)
  • 2 x Spotlights
  • 2 x Complimentary Exhibitor passes

Display tables are available for small companies and non-profit organisations. Each display unit consists of:

  • 2m x 2m space
  • 2m walling on the back of your stand
  • Table and table cloth
  • 2 x Chairs
  • Carpeting
  • Power supply
  • 1 x Complimentary exhibitor pass

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